If you are a truck driver or you aspire to be a truck driver, one of the most important things that will be on your mind is how to land a good-paying job. Truck drivers earn relatively good money in the United States of America. The average pay of a truck driver in Texas is $71,246 per year, and most trucking companies in Texas are considered worth working for.

Pay is not only the factor that determines whether a trucking company is worth working for, factors such as the condition of work, welfare package, insurance, health, and a host of other policies should also be considered.

In this article, we will look at some of the best trucking companies to work for in Texas. The factors that we used in considering these trucking companies are pay, working conditions, welfare packages, insurance, health, and other policies of the company.

Best Trucking Companies to Work for in Texas

  1. Palletized Trucking Inc. Trucking Company

Established in 1969 in Houston, Texas, Palletized Trucking is a family-run trucking business. Palletized Trucking has grown to be a multi-service transportation business that deals with domestic, international, and export commodities. The company offers service to sites across the contiguous 48 states and Canada from its terminal locations in Houston, Texas, as well as within the Houston Commercial Zone.

The company’s fleet of more than 300 trailers includes steerable dolly systems, lowboys, stretch flatbeds, flatbeds, dry vans, and intermodal chassis in addition to specialist heavy haul equipment. Due to its diversity, Palletized is able to satisfy all its customers’ transportation demands.

  1. Dart America (Dart Trucking Company, Inc.)

Dart America has been in operation for more than fifty (50) years and has been a dedicated carrier for the last twenty (20) years. One of the biggest producers of activated carbon in the world has selected Dart America (Dart Trucking Company, Inc.) as its designated carrier.

In order to distribute [re]activated carbon and pick up wasted carbon, including hazardous carbon, using tankers, and van trailers, Dart America is now seeking qualified over-the-road CDLA drivers. Dart America’s status as a dedicated carrier enables it to provide competitive pay and benefits as well as driving opportunities with dependable scheduling.

Dart America promotes open communication, the growth of knowledge and skills, a commitment to excellence, and of course teamwork. The longevity of many of its employees speaks to the organization’s quality. One of today’s safest trucking fleets is run by Dart America.

  1. Edwards Transportation Co.

After 40 years and three generations, Edwards Transportation is still a family-owned company committed to taking care of its cherished clients. In addition to dry freight, brokerage services, and door-to-door operations between the US and Mexico, Edwards Transportation Co. has expanded its business while maintaining its focus as a refrigerated carrier.

Edwards has been able to increase the number of services it offers and the diversity of its clientele by including two terminal facilities in East Prairie, Missouri, and Laredo, Texas.

With cross docking and cold storage transfer, Edwards Transportation Co. also maintains warehouse space at its Laredo facility. Due to the organizational structure of Edwards Transportation Co., any incoming or outgoing freight, whether it is for export or import, can be expedited.

  1. CKJ Trucking

Since its founding in 1981, CKJ Transport has provided materials transportation services throughout the state of Texas and its surrounding regions. Under the direction of the Kennemer family, the company has experienced exponential growth over the last 30+ years.

By transporting essential resources like sand, gravel, and cement, the organization has greatly contributed to the creation and expansion of the metropolitan civil infrastructure. CKJ Transport is committed to creating a solid working relationship with its clients and to offering a favorable work environment for all its personnel.

When you are with CKJ, whether you are a client or an employee, you are with family. For trained, professional drivers, CKJ Transport offers numerous locations in Texas that offer excellent prospects for local driving. If you contract independently, you can lease with CKJ Transport, and they will help you succeed as an owner. They provide corporate drivers with outstanding advantages.

  1. Timco Logistics Systems

The goal of Timco Logistics Systems is to consistently go above and beyond the expectations of its clients. Whether your shipment is traveling across the street or across the country, Timco Logistics Systems will ensure on-time delivery and provide logistical expertise. Timco Logistics Systems is committed to providing exceptional transportation services with honesty and ethics.

  1. Poly Trucking

The headquarters of Poly Trucking is in Grand Prairie, Texas. The trucks in the Poly Trucking fleet are brand-new, company-owned vehicles. By using Poly Trucking, you may avoid the delays, logistical issues, and added costs that frequently come with using a third party.

Your freight will be delivered by Poly Trucking promptly, safely, and effectively. The safety program at Poly Trucking is above industry standards.

No owner/operators drive for Poly Trucking; all their drivers are employed by the company. Condos and mid-roofs from Poly Trucking are modern. Dry vans measuring 48 and 53 feet long make up Poly Trucking trailers. No hazardous goods are hauled by the company, and the freight is no-touch.

  1. Smith Oilfield Services

Smith Oilfield Services, Inc. is a full-service oilfield construction and oilfield trucking business with offices in Bridgeport and Midland, Texas. The company offers superior service to the North Texas & West Texas oil & gas industries.

Despite merely being a Roustabout service provider when it first started, Smith Oilfield Services has gradually changed and adapted to meet the needs of its clients.

  1. Texas Trucking Co., Inc.

Texas Trucking Corporation, Inc., a transportation law-abiding company that has been in operation since 1976 and specializes in transporting road construction supplies. Texas Trucking Co., Inc. is aware of what this sector requires in terms of affordable costs and dependability.

Before being hired, drivers for Texas Trucking Company must pass a road test. Drivers are carefully chosen, and after being employed, they receive extra training according to the type of trailer being utilized. To help drivers succeed in their jobs, Texas Trucking Co., Inc. makes sure they have access to more than 350 high-quality training films.

  1. Pate Trucking

Pate Trucking is a fantastic trucking company to work for in Texas. Four fluid-hauling trucks and a vision of expansion were the foundation of Pate Trucking when it was first bought in 1957 by the Mead Family of Denver City. The third generation of Meads now owns and runs Pate Trucking, which has 200 trucks and 800 tanks spread over eight yards in the Permian Basin region.

  1. Energy Transport LLC

New Energy Transport, Inc. was established in 2007 thanks to a distinctive company concept, a distinct vision, and a carefully curated team of knowledgeable transportation specialists. Years of collective experience in transportation and customer service make up the company’s seasoned and qualified leadership team.

With its corporate office in Houston, Texas, New Energy Transport has built up a sizable fleet of knowledgeable Owner-Operators who prioritize safety in order to consistently deliver excellent client service.

In Conclusion;

All the trucking companies listed above are fantastic trucking companies to work with in Texas, but there are still others that are not listed in this article that are worth their weight in gold. All you need to do is to make sure you explore other trucking companies in Texas and also conduct your due diligence before settling for a trucking company.