In Texas, you need to be at least 18 years to sell cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Aside from that, you also need basic knowledge of all the devices in the industry. Also note that you will need to be conversant with Ohm’s Law and battery safety, coupled with the specs of the most popular battery brands.

You will also need to know the current e-juice brands and everything necessary to ensure that clients have a good experience in the vape shop. Working in a vape shop is a great way to make money while surrounded by people who share your passion.

Most vape shops are known to provide a relaxed environment where you can interact with others and also experiment. However, note that it takes a special kind of person to understand the intricate workings of a vape shop. Owing to that, a good number of vape shop owners prefer to hire people with vaping experience.

According to reports, vape shop sales associates tend to earn around $9.00 per hour. This translates to about $9,360 per year on a part-time schedule of 20 hours per week. Howbeit, if you are a vaping expert with prior sales experience, you might be able to demand higher pay.

Also, note that you can expect occasional pay increases if you are noted as a good salesperson that generates good income for the shop.

Responsibilities and Benefits of Working at a Vape Shop in Texas

There are numerous benefits to working at a vape shop. Here are a few of them.

  1. You will be joining a tightly-knit Family

Most vape shops prefer to work with a handful of people and focus on serving their local community. As an employee in a vape shop, each day you come to work you have to meet the same faces. This is unlike working for a large corporation, it is a close-knit group of people who form strong bonds.

You will also become acquainted with regular customers, with whom you can share a nice relaxing vape in between ringing up people at the register.

  1. Your Job will be to Help People

One of the best parts of working in a vape shop, according to employees, is the opportunity to assist people who want to quit smoking. Note that a good number of vapers have already done this for themselves, and they understand the struggles customers are dealing with.

You will be expected to provide guidance to clients who are quite curious about vaping, and you can also share with them some of your own experiences. Experienced employees in a vape shop can even send people home with literature and information to share with their loved ones about selecting a safer alternative.

  1. Checking IDs

This is one of the most important requirements in Texas for vape shops to ensure that they comply with vital rules and regulations. Vape shops are expected to adhere to a wide range of rules that include ID laws to ensure that they do not sell nicotine products to minors.

In most places in the United States, this has become increasingly common with teens always seeking new ways to buy vapor products so they can try cloud chasing for themselves.

  1. Hosting Events

A good number of modern vape shops are known to host events, such as vaping competitions and workshops. Employees in these shops will have to get involved in events as hosts. This includes promoting and sharing with everyone they know and directing customers at the event.

Most often, these events can be hosted outside of normal business hours, which may mandate taking extra time out of your weekend to get involved.

  1. First to Check out Products

This is another very notable benefit of working in a vape shop. Aside from the fact that you have to help customers make the right choices; you will also be the first to see and try the latest products on the market. Have in mind that you can’t share your knowledge with customers if you do not have a comprehensive knowledge of the devices yourself.

As a vape shop employee, you have to preview new products to ensure you understand how best to use the product. Your customers will genuinely appreciate your knowledge.

  1. You will be tasked with Choosing E-Liquids

Once someone has decided that they want to try vaping, note that your job as an employee in the shop will be to assist them in finding a suitable e-liquid. Note that as experienced vapers seek out the newest e-liquids and become more daring, this task expands.

Most often, your job will be to help ease people into the transition by helping them select an e-liquid that aligns with their tastes.

  1. Planning for the Future

As an employee in a vape shop, your job also involves letting your customers know about changes in federal or state vaping regulations. Since federal and state vaping rules will always have a massive impact on the industry as a whole, vapers are expected to know what to expect.

For instance, if products or e-liquid flavors will no longer be available, they should be given the opportunity to stock up and prepare, or to become involved in their communities and lobby for change.